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Senior Banker Leadership

Tom Blaige,  Chairman & Chief Executive Officer: Blaige & Company

We provide dedicated senior-level attention to each and every transaction, no matter how large or small.

Tom Blaige,

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Tom is a transaction strategist with unmatched expertise in the plastics sector and strong deal process capabilities. His in-depth knowledge of the industry results in custom-tailored acquisitions and value-enhancing sale processes, which maximize certainty of closing, as well as the purchase price.

At Blaige & Company, Tom Blaige has assembled a dedicated team of top industry experts, whose extensive know-how covers strategy and operations, as well as the full spectrum of complex transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, buyouts, divestitures, recapitalizations, and restructurings.

This allows Blaige & Company to bring premier value to any client, whether it’s a public company, private company, a private equity investor, or a financial institution.

Blaige & Company | Pure Focus Premier Value
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