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Unique Resources
& Technology

Blaige & Company possess all of the resources available to standard investment banking.

We possess all of the resources available to standard investment banks, plus more.

When we get engaged in your exclusive representation, we bring at your side a wealth of strategic resources, proprietary information and technology that standard investment banks can’t match.

Blaige & Company’s powerful arsenal includes a range of effective, valuable tools – like our industry-leading Confidential Memoranda, the leading global contact database (over 6,000 industry contacts). Our proprietary plastics M&A deal research, which is the industry standard, includes over 10,000 deals worldwide (since 2000).

This important resource gives you a clear perspective on the strategic trends and activities in your market. It ensures rapid execution of the deal, increases the number of bidders for the deal, and maximizes competitive pressure, therefore the final price. We have an uncanny ability to find the in-obvious buyer's, the outliers and “spike” bidders, and therein achieve extraordinary results.

Blaige & Comapny | Pure Focus Premier Value
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